We are so excited to introduce the beautiful French brand, Bobbies, to South Africa.  Exclusive to ON Y VA, we'd love to tell you a bit about our new range!

A Match Made In Footwear Heaven:  A French brand combined with a company with a French name, we could hardly resist... Not to mention the undeniably quirky and enchanting nature of Bobbies products that had us smitten at 'bonjour'!

A Whimsical Story:  Bobbies was founded in 2010 in a pelican egg by two young Parisian designers who, inspired by their city, set out to create shoes that reflect the charm of Paris through an infusion of refined designs, quality materials and dazzling colours.

The Pelican:  Combining enchantment and fantasy, Bobbies' poetic story is punctuated by the fabulous adventures of its mascot Jean-Bobby, the frenchiest pelican ever!

Quality & Authenticity:  Timeless shoes incorporating original details are thoughtfully designed in Paris every year creating innovative collections that are then manufactured in Portugal using the finest leathers.  Experimenting with textures, vibrant colours and fashion forward designs, Bobbies never fail to create fiercely unique styles that exude French flair.

It's In The Details:  To ensure exceptional quality and authenticity, every pair of Bobbies is produced using traditional methods and artisanal techniques.  From stitching to assembly, every design is the result of a labour of love.

Comfort:  ON Y VA has always been about comfort and effortless style and with Bobbies' motto being 'comfortable shoes for joyful feet', we think we've met our match!

A Journey Awaits, on y va!  We have kicked off this new journey with the launch of our Bobbies loafers, new styles will follow so keep an eye on our social media pages for updates...  We can't wait for you to fall in love with our new Bobbies range too!